Dr. Jesse Middendorf speaks on the kind of leadership needed to minister in a changing culture.
Dr. Jesse Middendorf reviews and reflects on a recent blog about 7 Disruptive Church Trends.
Dr. Jesse Middendorf reflects on recent losses in his life, but reminds us of the ultimate hope we have in Christ and how to encourage those in our congregation with this astounding truth.
CPL Executive Director Dr. Jesse Middendorf speaks from a pastor’s heart about the ministry of presence.
Dr. Jesse Middendorf continues his two-part conversation about ‘intentional passionate evangelism.’
Dr. Jess Middendorf offers some simple but meaningful hospitality tips that pastors and churches can practice in order to engage in ‘intentional, passionate evangelism.’
Dr. Jess Middendorf expresses his unwavering confidence in the Church’s young clergy as they navigate unprecedented change in our world and in the church.
Dr. Jess Middendorf challenges pastors to engage in ‘good reading’ that goes beyond weekly sermon prep.
Dr. Jess Middendorf, former General Superintendent of the Church of the Nazarene, reflects on the 2017 General Assembly with optimism and hope. From the election of Dr. Sunberg and Chambo as Generals to the high percentage of young clergy who were present and actively participating, he looks to the Church’s future with enthusiasm.
Jess Middendorf, Executive Director of the NTS Center for Pastoral Leadership, gives eight book recommendations for pastors. 
Reading Recommendations. Tune into to hear about Dr. Jesse Middendorf’s latest pastoral picks.
Jess Middendorf, Executive Director of the NTS Center for Pastoral Leadership, reflects on the importance of preaching and living hope in this new year.
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