Congratulations to NTS student Rachael Reichley, one of this year’s Stewardship Ministries Sermon Scholarship recipients. Access her full sermon!


“Participating in the Stewardship Sermon Scholarship has been a wonderful opportunity for me to engage the text while thinking about the theological implications of stewardship.”

"One of the reasons I decided to tackle this year’s passage Deuteronomy 8:17-18 is because it gave me a chance to learn more about this text and further develop my skills in writing sermons. I participated in the Stewardship Sermon Scholarship last year and absolutely loved the process of reading the text, critically studying and reflecting over the text, while thinking about the past and present theological implications, and writing about what I have learned through the sermon. I am very thankful that Stewardship Ministries has created an opportunity for students to participate in this scholarship. It is a great way for people like me to invest in their higher education and continue to follow the call God has given them.”

Access her full sermon HERE!