NTS professor Dr. Roger Hahn, author of ‘Matthew: A Commentary for Bible Students (Wesleyan Bible Commentary Series)’, offers preaching insights from the Lectionary Gospel readings in Matthew for the season of Epiphany.
Neuroscience and Christian Formation Dr. Dean Blevins, Professor of Practical Theology and Christian Discipleship at NTS, discusses some of the foundational concepts of neuroscience and how they impact Christian Formation.
Dr. Brent Peterson, Dean of the School of Theology and Christian Ministries at Northwest Nazarene University and NTS alum, talks about the often forgotten practice of lament in corporate worship and also the necessity of reading Scripture well.
NNU Dean (and NTS Grad) Brent Peterson talks about the church year and the implications of each season for the Christian believer.
Spiritual Formation of Families Professor of Practical Theology and Christian Discipleship, Dean Blevins, addresses one of the fastest growing forms of ministry in the church, Family Ministry. 
Grief and Ambiguous Loss Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling Judi Schwanz offers a short teaching on an often overlooked type of grief and loss.
Social media - Dr. Dean Blevins Social Media has become THE method for communicating in ministry, doing outreach, and even pastoral care. However, despite the benefits, social media has its share of shortcomings and pitfalls. Dr. Dean Blevins speaks about how best to leverage this medium for the good of the Church and the Kingdom.
The New Perspective Dr. Roger Hahn (NT Professor and Dean of the faculty at NTS) explains what ‘The New Perspective’ is and how it relates to current studies about first century Judaism and the consequences for how we study Paul’s writings.
Which Translation? Dr. Roger Hahn – Professor of New Testament and Dean of the Faculty at NTS - gives an overview of several different biblical translations as well as an explanation of the translation process.
Spiritual Formation NTS Professor of Spiritual Formation Doug Hardy talks about the need for pastors to not only give spiritual direction but also receive this kind of critical support and accountability themselves.
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