"Neuroscience and Christian Formation," by Dr. Dean G. Blevins, Professor of Practical Theology and Christian Discipleship

This new book contains an amazing collection of essays written by practical theologians gathered by Dr. Dean G. Blevins (Nazarene Theological Seminary) and Dr. Mark A. Maddix (Point Loma Nazarene University). It serves as an introductory textbook and resource for Christian education and formation professors to use in Christian education or Christian formation courses at the college or seminary level.

Why a text on neuroscience and Christian formation? Simply put, we need one that represents the range of possible intersections between discipleship and neuroscience both for today and into the future. In recent years, neuroscience's various fields of study began to influence our understanding of the person, memory, learning, development, communal interaction and practice of education. As the research in neuroscience grows, the points of intersection between our understanding of the brain and our task in shaping spiritual lives seems inevitable. So, Mark Maddix and I wrote chapters, and edited this text, with a group of scholars who may well feel more like "pioneers" exploring new territory then "settlers" residing in the well-worn conceptual neighborhoods of the faith formation of the past. While Mark and I hope to generate new interest and conversations between scientific discovery and ministry, we also think this book will provide practical wisdom for ministers in light of the many different issues emerging from this new field of study.

-- Dr. Dean Blevins