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Webinar NTS Selvidge, Dr. Jeremy Essential Components of Clergy Health 12/04/2017 97 1.00
2017 Hugh C. Benner Preachers Conference NTS Middendorf, Rev. Jon Finding Your Rhythm: The Dangerous Breath of God 09/27/2017 96 1.00
Webinar NTS Moore, Dr. Norman A Candid Conversation about Evangelism 10/26/2017 81 0.50
Webinar NTS Walker, Dr. Mark The Pastor as Mentor: Creating a Culture of Mentoring 11/16/2017 72 1.00
Webinar NTS Crutcher, Dr. Tim The Optimism of Grace in Pessimistic Times 07/26/2017 69 1.00
Webinar NTS Middendorf, Dr. Jesse A Theology of Pastoral Care: for Pastors and the Churches They Serve 05/14/2018 65 1.25
2017 Hugh C. Benner Preachers Conference NTS Peterson, Dr. Brent Finding Your Rhythm: What Must I Do To Be Born Again? 09/27/2017 62 1.25
NTS Pastors Day 2018 NTS McKnight, Dr. Scot Pastors as Storytellers 03/20/2018 60 1.00
Webinar NTS Forasteros, Rev. JR A Church for Everyone: Empathy as a Spiritual Practice 02/22/2018 52 1.00
Webinar TheDiscipleshipPlace Sunberg, Dr. Carla Holiness and Church Identity 05/02/2017 50 1.25
2017 Hugh C. Benner Preachers Conference NTS Dr. Bill Kirkemo and Dr. Jeren Rowell Taking the Fear Out of Preaching About Money 09/27/2017 50 1.50
Webinar NTS Eric Paul and Brandon Sipes Transforming Conflicts in the Church 03/12/2018 49 1.50