Reportedly, leadership guru Peter Drucker once said that the four hardest jobs in America are the president of the United States, a university president, the CEO of a hospital and a pastor.  How well those in ministry know the truth of that statement.  Few jobs require such a wide range of competency and skills.  At the same time, few jobs are as relationally isolating, emotionally demanding and financially challenging. The need for special focus on this vocation by the larger Church is critical. In response, Nazarene Theological Seminary launched the Center for Pastoral Leadership (CPL) in January 2014.


The CPL seeks to address the unique challenges faced by those in the pastorate and similar ministries.  Our goal is to support and encourage pastors in ways that will enable them to flourish in a holistic way (vocationally, emotionally, spiritually, relationally) no matter what season of ministry they find themselves in.  Being housed at NTS, the CPL hopes to specifically address the unique challenges that new clergy face. In sum, our goal is to help prepare and sustain men and women clergy for a lifetime of effective service to the Church.

Further, the CPL seeks to redefine and rearticulate the meaning of pastoral leadership. In recent years the Church has looked to the business world for many of its cues when it comes to leadership. And although we have much to learn from our friends in that arena, pastoral leadership must start with Christ – his model of presence, relationship, authenticity and sacrifice. A top priority of the CPL is to help develop just such incarnational leaders in the Church and beyond.