It is not possible to download an entire library eBook to a Kindle, except for a Kindle Fire.

(Why? Publishers are very concerned about file sharing eBooks, so they use Adobe Digital Editions (a Digital Rights Management software) to enforce copyright.  Kindle does not support Adobe Digital Editions.  You will not be able to download entire eBooks from EBSCO or ebrary titles to Kindles.)

There is a work around for Kindles, to “download” portions of some library eBooks from EBSCO, and perhaps from other library eBook vendors.  First you save/print pages as a .pdf document, then send that .pdf document to your Kindle.  Here are the two EBSCO help pages, which give details about this work around.

How can I save EBSCO eBook pages in PDF format?

How can I send saved EBSCO eBook pages in PDF format to my Kindle device?

For KINDLE FIRE (Android), download the Bluefire app to your Kindle.

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