There are two ways to find articles and book reviews.

  • Go to the link for EBSCO ATLA & Philosophy & Religion.  You will then be prompted for your library card number and PIN.  Once you have entered this information, you will have the opportunity to choose databases.  You will notice that four of the databases have already been selected for you automatically.  That is because for the most part they will cover whatever it is you are researching, but feel free to deselect or select whichever of the databases you prefer.  Press the large yellow “Continue” button at the top of the page and you will be directed to a search box that you can use to search for journals, journal articles, book reviews, etc.

*tip: Use the limiters in the “Refine Results” column to the far left to narrow results.  One especially useful tool is to limit to “Full Text”

  • If you know of a specific journal, volume and issue number that you want to look through, go to the link for Online Journals.  From here you can search or browse through the journals with online access by journal title.
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