The recommended method to find electronic books (eBooks) is through the Online Card Catalog.  There are two ways to search for eBooks in the online card catalog.

  1. Go to the Online Card Catalog.  In the search box, type in the subject, author or title you are looking for and press the “Search” button.  When the results page appears, look at the column of boxes on the far left of the screen entitled “Limit Search Results.”  Find the box that limits by “Format” and click on “Electronic Resources” or check the small box next to “Electronic Resources” and then click the yellow “Include” button at the top of the box.
  2. Go to the Online Card Catalog.  Next to the large grey “Search” button, click on the words “Advanced Search”.  Don’t worry too much about making your search too specific, unless you know exactly what you are looking for.  Under “Additional Limits”, the top option is “Format Type”.  In the drop down menu to the right change it from “Any Format” to “Electronic Resources” and click large yellow “Advanced Search” button at the bottom of the page.
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