The Genesis Series part 3: ‘God intended for men and women to be a team, wonderfully balanced, opposite yet equal partners, who together fully reflect God’s relational and multifaceted identity.’ Rev. Elizabeth Graham concludes her three part blog with a discussion about why women matter.
The Genesis Series part 2: Rev. Elizabeth Graham reflects on why our bodies matter and how we care for and utilize them to the glory of God.
How does Genesis impact your daily life? Rev. Elizabeth Graham offers some theological and practical advice about how to live into our identity as caretakers of creation.
Pastor Michael Palmer is a CPL board member and pastors the Living Vine Church of the Nazarene in Napa, California. In this blog originally posted in The Foundry Community, he transparently shares his struggle with anxiety.
Pastoral Trust Dr. Jeren Rowell, President of NTS, reflects on five ways to build pastoral trust.
“Nostalgia can become a barrier to leaning into the can blind us to the persistent, inexorable march of the story of God through the centuries.” Read the whole blog by Dr. Jesse Middendorf (originally published in The Foundry Community)
‘We have been caught flat-footed. We are lame—in both the disabled and the boring sense of the word. We have to innovate. We have to break the old molds and shatter the old taboos. We have to try new things for Jesus and with Jesus. We have to take risks for the kingdom.’
NTS alum, Pastor Brent Neely, writes about how to communicate and relate intentionally in the small church setting (Originally published in the Fall 2017 Grace and Peace Magazine).
‘The beauty of listening is that it encourages and empowers the person to whom we offer it the gift of truly being heard.’ Dr. Judi Schwanz, Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling at NTS, explains the art of active listening (Originally published in Grace and Peace Magazine/Fall 2017).
CPL Director Dana Preusch offers some words of encouragement and hope to women clergy trying to find their voice. (Originally published in the Fall 2017 Issue of Grace and Peace Magazine)
The CPL is pleased to be able to cross-publish blog posts from the Foundry Collectives/NPH. This week Pastor Michael Palmer writes about Racism and Our Christian Responsibility.
The CPL is cross-publishing significant Foundry Collectives blog posts. This week Pastor Eric Paul reflects on the Nazarene doctrine of holiness and how the practice of Christian nonviolence is essential for the life of faith
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